Tuesday, February 9, 2010

World Eater Terminators complete!

The ground will flow with the red ichor of the Imperium's finest! Bring me more skulls!

KILL! MIAM! BURN! Chant with me brothers!


  1. Pergh!! Superb! Trade with mine lah wei hahaha

    My only issue is the Lightning Claws. with your skills, I was expecting lightning strands all over them plus some glows.

  2. Well I can do that but I malas liao. I'll look into it. XD

  3. You know.. me and Joe cannot do it, So it is up to you to make us proud heheh.

  4. These are the best Khorne Terminators I've seen. Each miniature is fantastic by itself, but they look even better as a squad. Nice banner too. I'm not so into the 'glowing' effect myself, except in little doses. The lightning claws would probably benefit from painted on lightning strands...