Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kratorc, God of WAAAGH!

Driven by rage and revenge from the death of his goblin kin by the Orc God's Gork & Mork. Kratorc, once boss of 'Da Spartun Tribe' now seeks to destroy everything in his path, in his quest to kill da Orc God's.

Play as Kratorc as he chop through ranks of Bretonnian nobles, burn the forest of the Wood Elves, capture the Dark Elf Black Ark, surf the Black Ark towards the Dwaf Fortress, topple High Elf cities, massacre the minions of the Vampire Counts, siege the city of Altdorf, plunder the riches of the Tomb Kings, bypass the jungles of Lustria, cause the extinction of the Ogre race, slap Archaon and steal the Crown of Domination, navigate through the Chaos Wastes, travel through the Warp, forge an alliance with the Chaos God's, and finally confront the Orc God's, Gork & Mork.

Only $39.99


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