Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Khorne Chosen Terminators on Bloodcrushers!

It has been some time since I start working on my own stuff. But here goes.

Imagine the beefiest termies with huge chaos bear pelts and HUGE chainaxes with massive ego riding on the baddest Chaos steed.

Now see this.

They see me rollin, dey hatin.


  1. Superb work. They look very threatening and speak to the threat of a giant genetically enhanced, lobotimised killer riding a beast fused from Iron, brass and daemonflesh!

  2. You finally got it! :D

    Goodness me, those Khornate head dresses can give the Eldar a run for their money...

    Any chance you'll be painting these babies up at my place tomorrow? :3

  3. How hard is it to model the termies on the Crushers?