Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Super Dungeon Explore (Elf Archer)

Next up is the Elf Archer.

Oh and here is the entire hero rooster. The rogue is still W.I.P
From left to right:
-Heartsworn Fighter, Hexcast Sorceress, Deeproot Druid (Angry Bear), Riftling Rogue, Royal Paladin, Glimmerdusk Ranger, Ember Mage, Claw Tribe Barbarian.


  1. Nice work and great change of pace models!

  2. I also want super dungeon!!! ^^

    Hey Mr.Chaos ... nice to have finally met you today at Hobby Forge. Its me ... Quah ... the guy who introduced himself to you. =) I also blog at Cheers for now and hope to meet up again next time.

  3. Hi FourEyedMonster,

    Nice to finally meet you at Hobby Forge. Hope we can share hobby tips and tricks when we meet again.

  4. Quick question, What colors did you use on the cape? It came out wonderfully!!

  5. Hi MizMahara.

    I used Hawk Turquoise for the elf cape. Then a gradual gradient of Hawk Turquoise + Skull White.