Thursday, December 17, 2009


Ever ventured into the deep dark depths of the internet. If you did, you will know what is Unyuufex or aka Hugsfex.

Here's some info about Unyuufex:

''Unyuufex is the most tragic tyranid alive. It is a special breed of carnifex that wants to hug and cuddle everything, but ends up killing most things as it can't control its own strength.''


WIP Pics

The Angry Marines Command Squad

The time has come...

From the dread battlefields of the 41st Millennium countless battles are fought. Legions of elite Space Marines purge the galaxy in the name of the Emperor.

Yet there is one chapter that is feared among the stars. It is The Angry Marine Chapter. So angry they are that even the Chaos Gods tremble in thier might.

But it is not just the legions of Angry Marines that is feared most. Amongst the elite of the Chapter is the retinue of Lord Commander Badass. The rage of Khorne is only a tiny fraction of the anger the Angry Marines Command Squad unleashes on the battlefield.

Captain Goku is a living nuclear bomb. A guardsmen once said to him, ''Sir? What's your power level? Captain Goky replied, it's over NINE THOUSAND!!!!

The world imploded.

Captain Bass Jackson with his twin golden bolt pistols and whacky afro hairdo unleashes a torrent of pure anger on the battlefield. Warning: Don't touch the hair..

Here is Lord Commander Badass, sporting a cigar and two ANGRINATOR XI Dreadnought Powerfists to bash his foes to mush.

WIP Pics

The internet's favourite model. The Spartan King in Power Armor and two Powerfists clutching the Angry Marines Banner of Rage.

This is a parody of the movie 300. After watching the show, and several YouTube videos of 'This is Sparta' remix. I decide to make a 'lol' model of him. With a grasp of Angry Marines knowledge I went to work.

''And with a thud, Brother Hiroshi was down. Knocked unconcious by the mighty Power-Angry-Fists of his opponent. Brother Captain Leonidas of the Angry Marines 2nd Company flexes his Angrinatus Pattern Powerfists, gripping his Company's Standard Bearer proudly, he extended his hand and pointed towards the fleeing Pretty Marines. His eyes spied a young scout.

''You're next.''

Welcome to Chaos Brushes. MrChaos first blog. I'm new to this bogging stuff so I'll try to make it short.

My name is Carl Lum and I am a miniature painter. I live in Malaysia where Games Workshop products and modelling supplies are not readily available and hard to find. Yet despite these drawbacks I had great fun searching the necessary items to produce miniatures that I so desire.

I started painting minatures at the age of 13. My first model was a Tamiya German Halftrack, painted mostly by my father :p. It's still being displayed on my cabinet and everytime I look at it it makes me happy to be able to pick up miniature painting as a hobby.

I love Country, Classic and Jazz.

In this blog I will begin my journey of miniature painting, creating tutorials and give tips and tricks to achieve certain painting objectives.

So keep an eye out for updates as I will update this blog from time to time.