Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Raven Host (A Legio Malaysia WHFB throwdown)

Beyond the Realm of Chaos, the Great Deceiver plots to conquer the old world.
Legions of Chaos Warriors blessed with the Mark of Tzeentch answer the call of the Changer of Ways.
With the guidance of Lords and Sorcerers, an army of champions clad in dark blue and gold,
their armour sculpted with the visage of the Raven God marches forth and destroys all who oppose.

Change is coming.

Allright I decided to go bold with this WHFB army. I will try my best to paint as many freehand curls and filigree on every piece of armour. Granted it can look very messy so here is an experiment. Please tell me how it is.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A shoutout to a local artist! Plus Bell of Lost Souls feature!! (Amazing Phantom Titan pics!)

Thanks for the feedback everyone regarding the Phantom Titan. A local professional photographer took the liberty to snap pictures of the Phantom Titan. Check out the pictures here, they are super amazing!

BoLS featured the Phantom Titan. Check it here!