Monday, February 21, 2011

The Chosens of Khorne ('The Expendables')

The only 5 Khorne Bezerkers that survives Kharn's berserk fury of killing his own units. Khorne gaze upon the 5 survivors and bestow gifts to them.

Each a monstrous roaring weapon, one was given the privilege of carrying the Standard of Apocalypse. The imagery of the standard bears no form, but an ever changing flow of shifting skulls. The Blood Angels finest, a Sanguinary Guard is cruelly decapitated and displayed on the tip of the banner as a grim reminder of all who challenges the Chosens of Khorne.

These 5 units are meant for a local tournament that I will be participating. It is a house rule unit and without further ado I started working on them.

I thought up of a concept and came to a conclusion that the following must be added:

-Massive...massive melee weapons.
-A standard bearer that really stands out.
-Overall a theme that fits the army but borderline bombastic.

Here is the WIP of the models. *Note the banner tip was later replaced with a dead Sanguinary Guard, which is more cooler anyway.*


  1. Perrhg.. Ganas!! Khorne will favour you greatly in KII for sure.

  2. BLOOD FOR THE BLo... ahem, I mean great models! :P

  3. Yesss... yessss... embrace the will of Khorne!

  4. Awesome work man!!! Truly awesome!!!!

    Thanks for the support. Looking forward to seeing u at K2 :)

  5. Seriously sick conversion work and a sick paint job!
    I dig the use of ork weapons for that extra blood letting effect :P

    The dead Sang guard banner is just brilliant.

  6. Holy-! O_O

    Extraordinary work on that flag! And of course, the dead Sang Guard.

  7. Great stuff. Love the looks of them.

  8. Fantastic atmospheric work.

    Reminiscent of old JohnBlanche- but neater.

    Great skin tones- enjoyed taking a look :}